Saturday, September 21

Toyota can be the largest SUV series in the Land Cruiser next time

The Toyota Land Cruiser was able to be divisible in the future as sales declined and was less favored in some markets.
Event: Toyota car
Last year, the CEO of Toyota in North America-Jim Lentz used to reveal that they would “re-evaluate the entire car segment that Toyota has to offer to see which segment is making money for its profits”. The results of this internal survey are naturally not published. However, it seems that Japanese cars are beginning to implement their new trading strategies based on the results of the survey. The first step is “death” of vehicles that sell slowly or less profit.

The Jalopnik News page also contacted Toyota USA to verify the aforementioned information but the company representative said: “Land Cruiser is a global icon, which demonstrates the durable, reliable and multipurpose value of the Toyota car. Although we cannot speak in advance about the future of this model, we can confirm that we will not stop selling the Land Cruiser in America at this time. ”
The aforementioned statement makes the media believe that the Land Cruiser will cease production in the future. But maybe Japanese car carrier is still in the stage of consideration before placing the pen “death” for this legendary car line.

In the Instagram post, Motor Trend Editor/driver of the vehicle rating, also expressed the following: “Toyota Land Cruiser may have been recorded in the United States after 2022. It sounds crazy, I know. But the price of 86,000 USD of car is too expensive and too difficult to sell. Especially when Toyota does not have a capital to promote this product for a dozen years now… “However, fans of the Land Cruiser line should not be too worried by at least after 2022, this new model is at risk of death. And if it is, then the high probability is that the car will only stop distributing in the U.S. market alone.

According to Carsalesbase, in the year 2018, the Land Cruiser model sold only 3,235 cars in the US and in 2019 as of the new July 7 for 1,877. The interpretation for this is due to the selling price of the Toyota home SUV which is more expensive than 35,000 USD than Sequoia. In that gas, the Lexus LX570 brother is also more priced at 86,400 USD. At the same time 2018, LX570 sold 4,753 vehicles. This number if in Vietnam is large, but according to the US market is too little (the best selling model in America has a sales of nearly 1 million vehicles in 2018).

According to VAMA’s report. Sales in 7 month of the Toyota Land Cruiser in Vietnam market only reaches 28 vehicles nationwide and total in 7 months to the present all 96 are delivered to customers.