Saturday, September 21

Top 10 Hottest car models in half 2019

1. Toyota Corolla (596,282)
Up/down compared to the same period 2018:-2%

Although Vios is the best-selling model of Toyota Vietnam, the new Corolla is a leading product of sales of Japanese cars around the globe. The new Toyota Corolla is trying to shake off an image of a boring model with a more dynamic and sporty new style. This sedan is highly appreciated for its compact design, economical operation and durability.

In the U.S. alone, in the first half of 2019 Toyota Corolla also dominated the market with a sales figure of about 152,868.
2. Ford F-Series (539,181)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:0.4%

The Ford house sales model continued to maintain impressive sales in the first half of the 2019 with more than 539,000 vehicles sold in six months. This due to the sale of Ram, Chevrolet, GMC are redesigned and upgraded to compete with the F-Series has not had much change in the long term.

Consumption of Ford F-series is mainly in the US market-one of the world’s leading market-favored trucks.
3. Toyota RAV4 (440,597)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:8.2%

Last year, RAV4 has affirmed the best-selling SUV/crossover position in the US and in 2019, the new generation of this model continues to show that as part of the top 3 best-selling cars in the world. First released in 1994, the Toyota RAV4 is a model that opens up its small crossover segment. To date, RAV4 is one of Toyota’s best-selling cars.
4. Honda Civic (416,571)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:-0.6%

Although it is not a familiar name in the Vietnamese market and is competing by strong competitors in the segment as well as the “brother” Accord but the Honda Civic continues to contribute to the list of the top 10 best-selling models in the first half of the year 2019 , which is also Honda’s most-dining model.

5. Honda CR-V (381,736)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:15.6%

After Civic, the CR-V is Honda’s 2nd bestseller worldwide. In Vietnam, this model is also listed as the top 10 best-selling cars in the first year.
6. Volkswagen Tiguan (374,345)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:-9.8%

Tiguan was born in 2007, one of Volkswagen’s best-selling models. In Chinese market, this is a very popular SUV model.
7. Volkswagen Golf (362,849)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:-18.5%

Although it does not cause American echoes, Volkswagen Golf is favored in Europe and some other markets.
8. Toyota Camry (349,944)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:3.5%

Along with two “brothers” Corolla and RAV4, Camry is one of the three best-selling Toyota models. This model is now “covered” in many countries in the world.
9. Ram Pick-up (346,842)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:22.5%

After the 1500 version of RAM achieved many awards of the year 2019, consumers seem to also agree with that. Thus, the number of Ram trucks has increased exceedingly high and is favored in the US with sales of 22.5% over the same period.
10. Volkswagen Polo (322,513)
Increase/decrease over the same period 2018:-14.6%

Volkswagen’s small hatchback steps to the 6th generation, released in 2018. Like Tiguan and Golf, Polo’s sales slope in the first half of the year.