Saturday, September 21

There is another new SUV model, released in Sep

Vehicles of the full-size SUV, possessing an identical appearance of concept Masterpiece were introduced earlier in the framework of the Seoul 2019 automobile exhibition in the month of 3 this year.

The new SUV is named after a native people living in the Colorado River that flows through the Mojave desert, the United States. However in the US market, Kia Mohave was again sold under the name Borrego.

The car’s head is equipped with 4-point LED headlights, a new style radiator grille. Meanwhile, the tail of the vehicle was fitted with four exhaust systems and a backlighting cluster with vertical bars and the middle of the tail was called Mohave.
Quite surprised that the body does not have any symbol of the other brand but only the car name in the radiator grille and tail fee. Also, on each la-zńÉng there are up to six snails, indicating outstanding off-road capability. The chassis on the front and back of the car is also bold terrain SUV with logo “4WD ”

Currently, there is still no revealing of interior images and technical information on Mohave. However the logo “V6 3.0 ” Printed on the car body shows that new recruits will be equipped with turbodiesel engines, with a capacity of 256 horsepower and 560 Nm of torque.