Saturday, September 21

Surprise with 5 SUVS capable of “swimming” for the very top

Land Rover, Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner, Ford EcoSport… These are SUV’s capable of amphibious well from 500-840mm.

In addition to the important factors such as design, equipment and price, many people when buying a car also have special attention to the amphibious ability of each car model. Because in the current conditions of flooding, owning a car that can be amphibious over 500mm will help the vehicle owner to limit the flood risk during the move.

If the hobby wants to buy an SUV you can refer to the model SUV capable of “swimming ” extremely good following:

Land Rover Water-900mm

Land Rover is dubbed the “King of the shaped” because very few lines can conquer the water level as the airline.

In all the car lines of the British brand, the Land Rover Range Rover is able to wading the top at a depth of 900 mm.

Ford Endeavour can amphibious 800 mm
SUV Ford Endeavour is equipped with 5-cylinder 3.2 litre diesel engine combined with 6-level automatic gearbox, generating capacity of nearly 200 Bhp and a 470 Nm extreme torque. The SUV has a four-wheeled drive system. Endeavour is a top choice for those who want a luxury car, potentially off-road. The following video shows that it can easily pass through the high water 800mm easily causing many surprises.

Toyota Fortuner Amphibious capability 700mm
SUV Toyota Fortuner is highly rated for its ability to wade through “rivers” in deep submerged areas in major cities. The vehicle has an undercarriage of 220mm and deep water reaching 700mm.

Force Gurkha
The Force Gurkha Xtreme uses the current 2.6 L diesel engine with a 85 horsepower and 230 Nm torque. The Force Gurkha Xtreme is 3,992 mm long, 1,790 mm wide and 2,055 mm high, a base length of 2,400 mm which helps vehicles have good off-road capability and Wade Water with a depth of up to 550mm.

Ford EcoSport
EcoSport has an undercarriage of 200 mm. The SUV was equipped with 1.5 liters engines in both diesel and gasoline engines. In the following video, Ecosport can wade through a fairly deep water and still moves very accurately.