Saturday, September 21

Porsche Taycan Technology with 04 digital monitors

The 4 monitors on Porsche Taycan include:

-A contour screen used for the clock after steering wheel

-A central screen for entertainment information systems

-A screen under the center pad for air conditioning system

-A monitor placed on the table of an extra seat.

In it, the screen with a steering edge and a screen for an extra seat is a two-part detail that almost hasn’t appeared on any of the previous Porsche commercial vehicles.
The German car carrier said that the 10.9-inch sub-chair screen appears as an option and it helps passengers who sit on the side seat easily adjust the features on the car without losing their focus.

For the rear-wheel screen, Porsche uses a slightly curved design, a size of 16.8 inches of bezel and an anti-reflection glass cover. The driver can choose from 4 different display modes including Classic, Map, Full Map and Pure.

Next to that the entertaining information screen is 10.9 inches of integrated voice control – Hey Porsche, the same number of features as navigation, phone, media… More specifically right on the right of the entertaining information screen is a touch-screen dedicated to passengers in front row seats. These two display systems are placed under a glass plate that makes for a very nice, seamless look.

And finally the 8.4 inch monitor system with temperature control, ventilation, heating chairs and handwriting recognition allow the user to enter the address to be searched.

In addition, the customer can optionally add a 5th monitor for the rear passengers. This monitor is 5.9 inches in size and supports touch force.

In terms of material, Porsche said they did not use genuine leather for the interior of Taycan because of their associated animal rights. Porsche brings the Taycan interior options using high-grade composite materials such as; Race-Tex – High-grade fiber material, Econyl – recycled fishing nets…

Customers can also use the options of wood paneling, carbon fibre, aluminium or fabrics for the details inside the vehicle. Besides, Porsche also offers a variety of interior colors for the car; Atacama Beige, Blackberry, Black-Lime Beige and Meranti Brown.