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Porsche 718 caiman GT4 review: is it still the benchmark?

Porsche back for one more stab at the GT4, is it? Did they not assume they got it right 1st time round?
Quite the other, I suspect. They got it a small amount too right. the primary one, launched back in 2015, was such a success that it created the business case for this one a departed conclusion. i think it’ll currently be a permanent fixture within the vary. And besides, the caiman desires shoring – once the 718 caiman arrived in 2016, the flat six was swapped out for a turbo four, that hasn’t specifically been well received.
Do you assume Porsche is buttering US up for the come back of the six cylinder Cayman?
We’re obtaining off topic here, but yes, i feel that’s potential. notably since this new GT4 uses a bored, stroked and de-turboed version of the 911’s twin turbo six. in order that engine fits.
I’m not entirely conversant in the plumbing, however perhaps they’ll knock a turbo off, or sleeve the engine all the way down to cut back capability and power therefore the next info caiman doesn’t step the toes of the 911, nonetheless still hits emissions targets.

How completely different is that the new GT4?
Well, here’s the rub: not that completely different. however the price? Well that’s gone up over £10,000 within the intervening four years, from £64,451 to £75,348. however that’s fine – reasonably – as a result of the last GT4 impressed a feeding mania that hasn’t very abated. used ones ar still around £80k.
Anyway, on to the ‘not that different’. externally it’s a small amount chintzier: the wheels ar identical dimension, however the look additional ‘fangy’, there’s a small amount additional ‘design’ occurring round the front splitter, the rear wing and also the diffuser. this can be principally within the name of downforce – up fifty per cent in total. The rear wing generates twenty per cent quite before, an extra 12kg at 125mph. however it’s the downforce’s thirty per cent potency improvement instead of the comparatively modest most that Porsche is most happy with. The new GT4’s rear wing uses the air higher, discards it additional cleanly. in the meantime the diffuser is practical, accounting for fifty per cent of total rear shaft downforce – 122kg in total at goop speed.
The suspension package is essentially carried over. The side has abundant in common with the 911 GT3, as well as the brakes (carbon ceramics ar on the choices list), however currently additional GT3 has created it into the rear shaft, too, as well as the subframe, inverted dampers, longitudinal and thwartwise management arms and ball joints. It’s tired the name of management and exactness. As before, it’s equipped alone with a six-speed manual.
What concerning the engine – you aforementioned that’s taken from the new 911?
Correct. The recent one was raised lock, stock from the nat asp 1st info 991 Carrera S, twisted through one hundred eighty degrees therefore the casing Sabbatum behind the engine instead of ahead. It delivered 380bhp at seven,400rpm and 310lb linear unit from four,750-6,000rpm. this point around the powerplant plays additional tricks. It shares a block with the three.0-litre 992 911, however Porsche has worked onerous on that to grant it a additional motorsport flavour. It’s bored and stroked resolute three.8 litres, includes a solid steel shaft with an even bigger main bearing to boost stiffness, a plastic sump (36.5 per cent lighter, apparently), hydraulic valves, start-stop, and cylinder shut-off. That’s effective between one,600-3,000rpm at low torsion (below 74lb ft), move off a cylinder bank. Plodding through roadworks? when twenty seconds the engine switches to the opposite bank to keep up temperature in every catalyst pack. Clever stuff.
Couldn’t care less, what quantity power has it got?
414bhp at seven,600 rev and 309lb linear unit from five,000 to 6,800rpm.
Bit additional power, torsion rocks up a small amount later, otherwise as you were?
I suppose therefore – against the clock it’s no quicker than before, each GT4s claiming to induce to 62mph in four.4secs. The slipperier aero of the new one has boosted prime speed by 5mph to 188mph.
But why’s it not quicker once it’s got additional power?
Well… weight. This new GT4 not weighs one,340kg. It’s now 1,420kg.
80kg heavier? How?
I’m afraid therefore. Porsche isn’t voice communication abundant on this, aside from this new automotive desires a heavier starter and also the new rear diffuser accounts for a small amount, too. i think the engine is weightier which the modifications haven’t been able to undo the changes necessitated for the turbo four engine. The GT4 – and I’m stunned to be voice communication this – is truly the heaviest caiman within the vary. The luxo GTS is 45kg lighter. And faster. Provided you specification PDK, Sport Chrono then on.
A GT4 that’s neither the lightest nor quickest automotive within the range? provide Pine Tree State strength. Next you’ll be telling Pine Tree State Porsche hasn’t done something concerning the recent car’s long gears.
That was the one major criticism. And no, nothing has been done to alleviate it. Instead Porsche says the new engine has higher low down torsion, negating the necessity for shorter gears.
It desires shorter gears.
While the new engine will punch through every quantitative relation a small amount tougher, and doesn’t hold up because it nears the electrical circuit, it might still be improved by shorter gears for second, third and fourth. create them road usable. As it is, you tend to depart the GT4 in third and revel in the torsion and power there, instead of athletics the lever around (second is back off an ungainly dogleg, fourth too high), and that’s a shame as a result of the casing is slicker than ever.
Combine that with a far lighter clutch than before and you’ve got a really fast shifting, profitable transmission. It’s nice to use, however a bit less mechanical than before – and this can be one thing that’s true of the full automotive.
The last GT4 had the marginally raw feel of Associate in Nursing late product that had been cobbled along, then honed. The engine chuntered, the clutch was significant, it had real attractiveness. This one is sander, lighter in your hands, easier to drive, even additional compliant. Not worse, simply additional accessible. It’s a sander automotive into corners, has even higher turn-in and also the middle corner balance and poise is ludicrously smart. It’s simply delicious, you flick the gearlever concerning with a handful of fingers, feel the burden build as you switch the steering, sense the automotive pivot around you, grip clearly communicated… it’s simply terrific. good management, fantastic steering exactness, beautiful suspension damping – it feels expensively designed and superbly harmonious.
And you don’t notice the additional weight. At all. The ride management, the steadiness, the manner it tackles troublesome roads, is simply surprising. i really like the manner it rides, a touch of artifact at the highest of the travel, then this rigorous management as additional is asked of the suspension. Sport mode tightens the dampers, however I’m unsure you wish it once there’s such a lot raw capability in traditional mode. It’s a minimum of as snug and usable as the other caiman.
Nice to drive a nat asp caiman again?
Absolutely. Response and noise – the importance of each ought to ne’er be underestimated. Having Associate in Nursing engine do specifically what you wish, after you wish, and sound smitten by it whereas doing it, is simply good. The throttle standardisation is simply good, the engine sound clean, smooth, hard. might solely be a flat six.
But it’s modified. not as guttural and warbly as before, and though it pulls additional healthily across the rev vary, with fewer peaks and troughs, it’s slightly less attractive. and also the noise includes a artificial edge. The switchable sports exhaust will create an enormous distinction, pumping up the bass. Can’t decide whether or not it’s a decent factor or exacerbates the sense of falseness.
Has Porsche managed to boost something else?
I like the casing – there’s one thing deeply satisfying concerning this short throw, the manner every gear engages. And Autoblip (the heel n toe operate on downshifts) is currently a separate button, not mechanically engaged in Sport mode. That’s higher too. Let’s you create your own mistakes as and after you please. The cabin is predictably beautiful though the sole major changes between GT4s ar the airvent form and also the flush fitting, wider touchscreen.
Anything you would/wouldn’t have?
Most people can most likely specification the Club Sport pack (£2,770 for a steel roll cage, extinguisher and driver’s six-point seatbelt), however if you’re driving the GT4 each day don’t trouble – you would possibly would like the parcel shelf for storage, the fireplace asphyxiator can massage your passenger’s calves and also the harness can clatter if not getting used. Full bucket seats ar £3,788. They’re excellent, but again, not if you’re dailying. And ceramic brakes ar £5,597. smart for track days, and that they do bite detectably tougher, however I’m lukewarm on them. smart for bragging rights, mind you.
Overall then?
Chassis-wise the caiman GT4 is healthier than ever, higher than just about anything you’ll be able to patronize any worth purpose. It’s downright good. Overall, whereas it’s subjectively a higher automotive – sander torsion delivery, calmer ride, additional capability etc – I don’t realize it quite as attractive as before. it’s a touch softer edge, additional passive manners, broader attractiveness. perhaps it’s simply that you’re not having to fight its foibles currently, or even those ar the inevitable carryovers of exploitation this caiman platform.
Given a straight selection between them I honestly don’t apprehend that one I’d have. The recent one most likely, however mainly for the bragging rights of getting the initial – and sure most collectible. Still, what an excellent sports automotive.