Saturday, September 21

Paying up to 17 million USD does not buy the first Porsche car

A car is said to be the first Porsche model to be sold after failing to reach the minimum price set in the auction last weekend. This is the only car left of the Porsche Type 64.

This car was produced 80 years ago in Germany to participate in the race to connect Berlin (Germany) with Rome (Italy) to enhance national pride. At that time Germany was under the leadership of the Fascist regime, but the race was canceled due to the outbreak of World War II.

This car is said to still be able to operate and was auctioned in California (USA) after being sold through many hands, including a racing athlete.

Immediately after starting, the price offered was up to 17 million USD, but local media said this price was much lower than the minimum price offered by the seller.