Saturday, September 21

New car rental, refund if guests purchase a car

To the customer, you rent a new car from the dealer for 19 USD/day, and will refund the guest if they buy the car afterwards.

The “Try Before You Buy” initiative allows customers to hire the right vehicle for their buying agent. If the customer then buys the car, the original rental amount will be refunded.

Brayleys Oxford is the latest car dealer at the UK providing car rental service on. Rental car models are available by day, on weekends, by month or even longer.

The “Try Before You Buy” vehicle test program is aimed at potential customers. Car models can be rented for up to 5 days. The demand for a car rental in Oxford is quite high, so this will be a model of interest.

Brayleys Oxford said the procedure for car rental is simple, the price is clear, there are many new vehicles to rent, mainly the car has just launched, diverse model, rent at least one day, maximum 5 days. However, some car models such as Stinger can only be rented for up to 3 days.

The car to Kia Stinger has a rental rate of 1,216 USD for 3 days, customers must be over 25 years old. In addition, no other regulations, Brayleys Oxford said.