Saturday, September 21

Lexus prepares to “untie” the first electric car model

Lexus will lift the first electric vehicle concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019.

According to Autocar, EV model for urban space inspired by the Lexus LF-SA concept 2015 and will go in the hatchback style. The futuristic design makes “new members” different from its existing products.

Design director Koichi Suga is in the process of finalizing the design of the car. President Akio Toyoda has not yet approved the final design, but responding to Autocar, Koichi Suga revealed: the grille-shaped characteristic of Lexus will not disappear completely. According to him, the grille not only has a cooling function but also looks like the face of a car.

Inside, Toyota’s luxury car brand equips the modern EV infotainment model with two screens located on either side of the steering wheel.

Currently, the name, specifications and the time when the commercial version was posted on the production line is still unknown.

Amid the majority of the “big” industry in the automotive industry are already present in the “green” segment, Lexus vice president Koji Sato said: “The company needs to create attractive products that can Competitive in the market. Japanese carmaker has invested a significant amount of money to develop a new transmission system to serve the product portfolio electrification plan in the coming years.

In addition, its engineers are embarking on designing a platform for electric vehicles. Most likely this platform will be used for Toyota vehicles. Both aim to introduce 10 electric car models in the market by 2025.

Not stopping there, Lexus also focuses quite a lot of resources for the study of electric motors integrated in wheels. However, Sato admitted that the company will take years to realize the technology.

Sato said: “We expect the wheels to operate independently will bring agility, stability and a more excited driving feel. Lexus continues to pursue this exciting opportunity.