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10 the most comfortable interior on the bus

The comfort of the seat, space for the user, the ease when controlling the system and technology are the factors for evaluation.

The appearance design can impress at first glance, but with the car owner, almost the entire time is on the inside of the vehicle. The list is ranked by U.S. News & World Report based on an assessment of the key elements in the interior such as chairs, space, controls and technology. The vehicles were of 2019.

U.S. News & World Report is an American media company launched in 1948, specializing in manufacturing news, consulting clients, analyzing and ranking universities, hospitals, cars and American States.

The list includes the score on a 10-point scale, and the US price. The trio of cars to Germany include BMW, Audi and Mercedes occupying the top 7. The last three positions belong to the from South Korea: One of the other and two of the Genesis (Hyundai).

10 most comfortable interiors on the car (bottom-up):

10. Genesis G80:8.6/10-42,100 USD
Genesis G80 has a spacious cabin, good sound insulation, an entertaining information system overflowing with technology and many safety features. The front row is wide, ideal for long journey.

The hands-free system on G80 is useful, while the entertaining information system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is possible to control the system through the touch screen or the knotted buttons.

9. Kia K900:8.7/10-59,900 USD
The large sedan is the mainstream product of a welded car, with ample space and comfort. In-flight rear seat style first class seat. The front passenger seat can slip all the time in advance, creating the maximum space for the person behind the leg straightening.

8. Genesis G90:8.7/10-69,350 USD
G90 is a leading product of the top-rated brand Genesis of Hyundai. The interior is flooded with high-grade wood and leather. On the dashboard there is a stylish mechanical clock on top of the famous cars and a large touch screen.

The standard equipment includes 3-zone automatic air conditioning control, DVD Entertainment information system for the rear seat row, two 10.3 inch touch screens.

7. BMW Series 5:8.7/10-53,400 USD
The Series 5 is the best medium-sized vehicle for families, according to U.S. News & World Report rankings. In this model combines both quality and quantity in space and interior.

The same wide range of standard equipment and flexible steering modes are the other plus. The Series 5 also features the latest version of iDrive, including a rotary knob, touch screen, and gesture control.

6. Audi A8:8.8/10-83,800 USD
The driver can customize hundreds of features on the A8. Rear seat row with LED matrix system, and even has foot massage. Bang & Olufsen 3D sound System.

5. BMW Series 7:8.8/10-83,650 USD
The list of equipped with a pre-heated and 20-directional power correction, the massage option, while the rear seats have their own entertainment and harmonic control systems, and separate screens.

4. Audi A5:8.9/10-44,200 USD
A5 combines comfort, performance and style. There are both coupe, open-top and Sportback (hatchback 4-door), A5 possesses modern and high-class interiors and is one of the best options for small-sized cars, U.S. News & World Report.

3. Audi A4:8.8/10-37,400 USD
The reason for the A4 is to be ranked higher than the key car model A8, which is a long list of standard equipment, including genuine leather seats. This feature is highlighted by many opponents using high-grade synthetic leather.

The Audi A4 ‘s driver owns the virtual cockpit, replacing the traditional watch cluster with a full digital clock board.

2. Mercedes E-Class: 8.9/10-53,500 USD
The details of the ash wood are one of the highlights in the E-class cabin. Comand system with a seamless design screen with a cluster of clocks. A modern and elegant interior lighting system.

1. Mercedes S-Class: 9.2/10-91,300 Usdwith A list of long-term standards, attention to the secretion is what helps S-class to be at the highest position. The large Comand entertainment display is seamless with a digital cluster, or a separate perfume dispersing system. Leather chairs with pattern-stitching lines.