These sorts of metrics hurt employees in education.

Many have acknowledged there’s already one thing just like the TEF in terms of assessing university teaching: the National Student Survey (NSS). Worryingly, even student activists on the left of the free education discussion have praised the survey for providing some level of answerableness.

These sorts of metrics hurt employees in education. Johnson’s comment that “competition will be central to our efforts to come near standards,” endorses the continuation of a system within which nearly half lecturers ar pressured into giving higher grades and already struggle with unmanageable workloads.

The idea that a series of leading queries will quantify the standard of Associate in Nursing individual’s teaching strategies is jam-packed with problems: significantly once these spurious metrics ar wont to justify redundancies, funding cuts, outsourcing and low-paid precarious contracts.


Associate in Nursing increasing quantity of teaching is completed by poorly-paid Doctor of Philosophy students and early career lecturers on short contacts, and it’s exactly these already exploited employees WHO can return underneath increasing pressure to perform according the stress of the TEF. whereas the establishments might receive ‘financial incentives’ it’s unlikely that those really delivering the services can like higher pay.

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