The Czech Republic includes a sturdy tradition of pedagogic innovation.

Representatives of upper education within the Czech Republic, together with six universities, the Ministry of Education and also the National enfranchisement Bureau, is visiting eire on to achieve an improved understanding of nation pedagogy system and share experiences and learnings. The visit, that was prompted by communications with the National Forum associate degreed an interest in role it plays inside the upper education landscape, additionally involves conferences at variety of Irish pedagogy establishments, and national bodies like Quality and Qualifications eire and also the Irish Universities Association.

The twenty pedagogy representatives began their visit to eire by meeting the Director of the National Forum on nine Gregorian calendar month. The meeting provided a chance to explore topics within which they’d a selected interest, like the connection between the sweetening work of the National Forum and also the quality assurance work happening at native and national level in eire, underpinned by frameworks like the digital roadmap, the skilled development framework for all those that teach and also the disciplinary excellence in learning teaching and assessment (DELTA) framework. The National Forum’s in progress endeavours to make sure student partnership and engagement underpins sweetening efforts in the least levels was additionally a subject for discussion, as was the impact of the forty eight teaching and learning sweetening comes that are funded across the world since 2014.

Located within the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic includes a sturdy tradition of pedagogic innovation and one amongst its most celebrated students, John Amos Comenius, is attributable with originating the thought of womb-to-tomb learning within the seventeenth century. The Czech delegation voiced their intention to include learnings from the visit to eire as they confirm the way to optimise national teaching and learning sweetening structures and quality assurance mechanisms within the Czech Republic over the approaching years.


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