Electronic communication becomes a lot of prevailing a part of studious communication.

The approach within which students in pedagogy have interaction with their courses of study is implicitly formed by the approach within which they’re assessed. for many students this implies the tried and tested strategies of written exams.

However, as electronic communication becomes a lot of prevailing a part of studious communication, ought to we tend to see ancient assessment because the solely and inevitable approach within which students ar assessed {and have interaction|and have interaction|and interact} with their learning? Drawing on their analysis at the University of Edinburgh Hazel author and Semitic deity Morris argue that mistreatment blogging as a kind assessment encompasses a explicit potential to assist students engage more; frequently, in person and creatively with their studies.

A perennial issue in pedagogy is the way to encourage students to have interaction with the fabric they’re learning regarding. Biggs and Tang tell U.S.A. that assessment is that the key driver of engagement, with its structure and content shaping everything that a student will to attain the training outcomes of a course. however ar the tried and tested strategies of written examinations, essays, laboratory reports, cluster comes and then on very the foremost participating varieties of assessment for students? Or ar digital technologies, and also the movement towards a lot of reflective varieties of writing, gap up the entire dynamic of the assessment method and also the ways in which within which students have interaction with it to radical change?


We think they’re. Our analysis at the University of Edinburgh recently checked out courses wherever the scholars were being assessed mistreatment journal posts, and we’ve written here and here regarding however this fosters their engagement.

As a part of this analysis, we tend to talked to students in four totally different colleges across the 3 schools within the University regarding their experiences of blogging. Blogging was a radical departure from the norm for all of the scholars we tend to interviewed.

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