Conferences and likelihood encounters with folks on either side of the knowledge spectrum.

Peter Pomerantsev’s this is often Not info may be a book that packs a punch on quite an few totally different levels. whereas the market of books handling misinformation, fake news, post-truth, school of thought and different similar matters is turning into ever additional jammed (perhaps even oversaturated), it stands out similar to the imaginary being that adorns its cover: a rare realize.

The first issue a prospective reader ought to comprehend Pomerantsev is that he’s a master storyteller. Hence, this is often Not info may be a book that, given enough time, one may simply browse from cowl to hide in one go. it’s elegantly and accessibly written, packed with suspense (unsurprisingly, the subtitle indicates that this is often a book of ‘adventures’), however at constant time extremely informative. Moreover, the book is elaborately latticelike with Pomerantsev’s family story that involves his parents’ struggle to access proscribed info within the Soviet Union, their ordeal at the hands of the Soviet KGB and participation within the conflict info effort following forced expatriation – all serving as poignant reminders of what proportion, and at the same time however very little, has modified. In different words, the book is as esthetically pleasing because the best works of fiction would be – except that it’s extremely factual.

Another key issue to worry is that, because the author notes instantly, this is often not supposed to be an instructional book. And it actually isn’t – it’s composed of a series of accounts of interviews, conferences and likelihood encounters with folks on either side of the knowledge spectrum: those whose aim is to control our perceptions and people engaged in an exceedingly struggle for a additional facts-based public sphere, furthermore because the author’s own personal reflections. These area unit all snippets that don’t essentially work tightly along like items of a puzzle, however it looks that the author didn’t have the aim of composing a full, definitive and tightly woven account of what he calls ‘war against reality’. Instead, the reader is supplied with a patchwork of illustrations that reveal the scope (in terms of geographics and methods) and therefore the scale (in terms of efforts and effects) of this onslaught. still, Pomerantsev is to be recommended for his ability to maneuver on the far side the particular.


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